New LifeLock in 2010

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LifeLock quickly became synonymous with protecting the average consumer from the perils of identity theft, a crime that continues to rise. LifeLock was designed to protect by preventing your personal information to be used by anyone attempting to defraud you and your good name. LifeLock has expanded its stellar services and includes exciting new features of LifeLock in 2010 to be aware of.

New Features of LifeLock in 2010 Reveal the Command Center

LifeLock already protects your identity by notifying you promptly of suspicious activity surrounding your personal information, by constantly searching the internet for anyone illegally selling your personal information, and by verifying any address change requests and even reducing the amount of pre-approved credit offers. Now, new features of LifeLock in 2010 enhance these services by a protection suite called the LifeLock Command Center.

This new feature of LifeLock in 2010 will track where your personal information is. This new feature will also track where your personal information has been. For just $15 per month, these new features will provide you with proactive identity theft protection, LifeLock personal breach detection, LifeLock Identity SDS, LifeLock Identity Alert system and, of course, still give you the security of their $1 million dollar service guarantee.

New Features of LifeLock in 2010: Exploring the Command Center

LifeLock’s Command Center begins by upgrading you to their most important new feature of LifeLock in 2010: LifeLock Identity Alert system. This new feature monitors a variety of service account and credit account applications to make sure your personal information isn’t being fraudulently used. Whenever LifeLock Identity Alert system finds a portion of your personal information in applications for retail or traditional credit cards, wireless or utilities services, auto loans, mortgage or payday loans, they will instantly send you an alert via postal mail, email, or even telephone.

Additional new features include their personal breach detection that consistently searches global networks that aren’t regulated for your personal information. Should LifeLock determine you’re at risk for identity theft, they will alert you and help prevent you from unintentionally disclosing your personal information from your home computer as well as any additional computers where you store personal information.

Identity SDS (Search, Detect, Secure) is a new feature of LifeLock in 2010 that will make a big impact. LifeLock Identity SDS searches various sources not related to credit for an extra layer of protection from identity thieves. This new feature will search public records to determine whether any sex offenders live in your zip code and will also let you know should a sex offender be using your address. The Identity SDS feature will also list any postal addresses found in public records in your name, as well as any alternate names that might be associated with part of your identity, including your social security number. Finally, the Identity SDS will search court records for anything matching your name and date of birth and make sure criminals aren’t fraudulently using your identity to commit crimes.

Hopefully, these new features of LifeLock in 2010 will help your rest easy, knowing your identity is as safe as possible.

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