Lifelock TrueAddress™

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Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes and thieves are becoming more creative in ways to steal your name and obtain your confidential information. The United Postal Service reports that 45 million change-of-address forms are filed each year. Thieves have been known to use these forms to obtain personal information, which allows them to steal your identity. LifeLock has added a new layer of protection to its already highly-effective identity theft protection system called TrueAddress™. The purpose of LifeLock’s TrueAddress™ is to alert it members of a change of address form filed in their name. Identity thieves use change of address forms to have their victim’s mail and personal information sent to a different address, and the victim often has no idea of the theft until the creditors start calling or they are they are denied for a loan. LifeLock’s TrueAddress™ services searches to see if any members have had a change of address form filed and if so, members are alerted to the possible theft and the process of restoring your name and credit begins.

The LifeLock System

The first step in LifeLocks’s system is to ask the credit bureaus to set free fraud alerts on your behalf. LifeLock maintain the high level of security by asking the credit bureaus to check your credit again every 90 days. LifeLock also goes a step further by requesting that your name be removed from junk mail lists and offers for pre-approved credit cards, and LifeLock continues to keep making the requests as the offers expire. LifeLock orders your free credit reports on your behalf from the major credit bureaus and has them sent directly to you annually.

LifeLock’s new element, TrueAddress™, will notify its members if/or when they locate any newly developed address information which contains the member’s information in an address database on a national level. This system will detect a change of information and then allows LifeLock to alert the customer if someone has changed the data in efforts of procuring a member’s financial information or should they do so in efforts of stealing their mail. With today’s modern conveniences, comes modern ways to steal information and ruin your otherwise good name.
LifeLock eliminates potential identity threats with the two additional layers of security included for free in the identity theft monitoring system. LifeLocks new eRecon searches known criminal websites for the illegal trading or selling of sensitive information and informs the customer by phone if and when something is found.

Many of us would never dream of the ways in which thieves are obtaining sensitive information, and for those who are clueless on how to protect themselves from harm, LifeLock has come up with an effective way to do it for you. LifeLock has developed a system to safe-guard its members from identity theft, which covers all areas where your identity may be at risk. With the addition of the TrueAddress™ service, LifeLock is helping to keep you protected from potential risks of identity theft. TrueAddress™ offers its members piece of mind, knowing they’ll be protected from any thief looking to steal their good name.

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