is identity theft protection worth it

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Founded in 2005, Lifelock has helped millions of people protect their identities and remain safe when it comes to using credit cards and their social security numbers in very day life. With the stories of identity theft rising with each passing year, it would seem that this is a service that more and more people would want to take advantage of. Identity theft can cost you in more ways than simply the amount of money you happen to lose in a particular transaction, after all. It can create a black mark on your credit history, making it difficult to obtain loans and credit cards in the future. All of this can happen due to no fault of your own, other than the fact that you failed to protect yourself.

So having said that, why hasn’t everyone signed up with Lifelock. Well, obviously not everyone knows about it, but beyond that. Why hasn’t everyone who has heard about Lifelock joined up and begun utilizing their unique system of protection? It seems the reasons are two. One, there is a significant segment of the population who believes that “it won’t happen to them”. They hear the stories of identity theft, think, “Well, that’s a shame” and go about their lives. It doesn’t hit home personally until it happens to someone they know, or it happens to them, and then it’s too late.

The second segment of the population has perhaps been misled by some of the problem Lifelock seems to have. One of the biggest and most popular arguments against Lifelock is that no protection is 100% effective against identity theft. The theory behind this way of thinking is that since no system is absolutely rock solid, why even bother trying. After all, it would be unfortunate to pay the $10 a month for protection simply to fall victim to identity theft anyway. The proponents of this theory maintain that it would be better to simply take your chances with identity theft (of course following simple rules of keeping yourself safe), and otherwise save the money you would spend on a protection system like Lifelock.

Tom Arnett, a small business entrepreneur from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, puts it this way: “Until there’s a product out there that leaves no holes whatsoever for me to have my identity stolen, I’d just as soon play it by ear. It’s the same as most of these internet spyware protection programs. As soon as they plug up the dangers from one virus, the hackers have found three new ways to raid your computer. I think it’s the same way with identity theft. The bad guys are always going to be one step ahead, so why bother?”

The problem with Arnett’s attitude, and the attitude of others like him, is that Lifelock has already built in an answer to this reasonable suggestion. They offer a one million dollar guarantee to their service. This means that if your identity is stolen during the time you are a customer, they will spend up to one million dollars of their corporate money making it right. You simply won’t find that kind of guarantee anywhere else, and it seems to be what separates Lifelock from any of it’s imitators and competitors. It also is a rock solid answer to this seeming problem with its service.

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