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With the convenience of today’s information super highway, the internet also becomes a major security threat. Many people use the internet every day to pay bills, check email and even apply for loans, and as with any online activity, there can be major risks involved. A latest growing trend in crime is identity theft; thieves are scouring the internet for information in hopes of getting lucky and turning your misfortune into their fortune. Millions of people have had their identity stolen every year, creating life-altering hassles, and many people do not even know their identity has been stolen until they start getting harassing phone calls from creditors or the bank denies their request for a loan. LifeLock developed a proactive solution to combat this increasingly growing trend and in light of recent incidents involving T.J. Maxx and Hannaford brothers Supermarkets, LifeLock has created new layers to its sophisticated identity theft protection system to guard against identity theft.

The new LifeLock system will contain all the previous protection elements combined with an additional two components to protect its member even further from Identity theft. LifeLock’s eRecon™ is a tool that regularly patrols the Internet in search of the social security numbers, driver’s license numbers credit card numbers, and email addresses of LifeLock members to protect against the information being sold or illegally traded online. The eRecon™ technology utilized by LifeLock patrols the World Wide Web, guarding your identity from over 10,000 chat rooms, websites, and bulletin boards frequented by criminals who sell, buy, and trade identities illegally. If eRecon™ finds your information in these seedy criminal online hangouts, then you will be promptly contacted via telephone.

Every day thieves are hard at work trying to separate you from your money and the LifeLock identity theft protection system is hard at work making sure that doesn’t happen.

The LifeLock System

The LifeLock system works by contacting the credit bureaus and asking them to put in place fraud alerts on your behalf, and checks your credit again every 90 days. Removing your name and information from pre-approved credit cards lists and mailing list is also a way that the LifeLock system protects you against Identity theft. To provide protection year-round, LifeLock requests annual credit reports from the leading credit reporting bureaus and has them mailed to you.

Additional Identity Theft Protection Components

With the addition of two more protection elements, LifeLock is even more effective in eliminating potential identity theft. The new monitoring system included in the LifeLock system is called eRecon™, and its designed to search websites, which are known to facilitate the illegal trade or selling of information that thieves use steal your identity. If any of your personal or financial information is discovered on one of these websites, a LifeLock representative will contact you by phone. LifeLock’s TrueAddress notifies you when it detects any new address information associated with your name as listed in one of the national databases. This helps alert you if a criminal has changed your address to steal mail and obtain sensitive information that may aid them in identity theft.

The internet has revolutionized the way we share information, and simplified the our lives in many ways, but with its modern convenience also comes some modern security risks, and that is why the team at LifeLock put in place the internet search component of eRecon™ to its already proven affective identity theft protection system. LifeLock’s new protection layer, eRecon™, is guaranteed to put your mind at ease as you go about your online routine.

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