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“I worry about protecting myself from identity theft just as much as other people. For a long time, the horror stories were not real to me. I would occasionally hear about how someone’s identity was stolen and how this ruined their credit by charging thousands of dollars in their name. It became real for me when someone stole my brother’s identity. Luckily, he caught on quickly because he happened to check his credit report just a few weeks after it happened.”

“I started wondering, though, if I would be that lucky if someone stole my identity. Instead of relying on luck, I decided to see if there was a way for me to protect myself. I already shred my old documents and keep my passwords secret, but how much protection does that really offer you against identity thieves that know a lot more about technology than I do? My brother, after all, had done all of the things that most consumers do to protect himself from identity theft, but someone was still able to get enough information about him to create a credit card account in his name.”

“One day while talking to a co-worker I told him that there should be a company that could offer customers identity security that would ensure that no one could steal my identity. He told me that he had been thinking about signing up with a company called LifeLock that offered the type of service that I was looking for.”

“I read over the LifeLock website. If they could really offer what they proposed, then I knew that I would sign up. First, though, I wanted to read some LifeLock consumer reviews to make sure that they could do all that they claimed. Before buying LifeLock’s services, I found it important to read the reviews of consumers. The LifeLock reviews consumers had posted on the Internet were positive, so I decided to sign up for their services. The monthly fee was inexpensive, so I knew it was definitely worth it, if they could protect me from losing my good credit rating and possibly owing thousands and thousands of dollars to creditors I have never dealt with.”

“In a perfect world that would be the end of the story. I would have paid for LifeLock and quickly forgotten about it because I would never have to use it. This is not a perfect world, though, and everyone is a potential target for identity theft. A couple of months after signing up for LifeLock’s services I misplaced my wallet at the gym. As soon as I realized that I had lost my wallet I cancelled all of my credit cards and accounts so that no one could use them. Later that day someone from the gym called to say that they had found my wallet. I picked it up and all of the money was even still there. I thought that I had cancelled all of those cards for nothing.”

“A few days later, though, I got a call from a credit card company asking about an account that I they said I was applying for. I thought they were confused about my canceling the account. Turns out that the LifeLock fraud alert had caught someone trying to open an account in my name from the information they had derived from my wallet. I guess that they thought leaving the money in it would convince me that nothing had been stolen. Thanks to LifeLock, their plans were stopped before they could even open an account.”

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