Lifelock CEO Todd Davis

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We log onto our e-mail account daily and shop online with regularity. Therefore, the thought that someone would steal our identity may not cross our minds much. Todd Davis surely didn’t think it would happen to him. Todd Davis is the CEO of LifeLock, an Arizona-based identity theft protection service company. A couple of years ago, Todd Davis began to advertise his social security number on television and in print advertising, daring someone to steal his identity. Someone did just that. A Texas man obtained a $500 loan at an online payday loan operation using Todd Davis’s social security number.

Some critics argued that if Todd Davis can be a victim of identity theft, then how can their service be that effective against identity protection. Some customers and a credit reporting agency have even filed lawsuits against LifeLock claiming that LifeLock engaged in false advertising. The truth is that the social security number of Todd Davis had been advertised a couple of years prior to that incident. In between that time, there were few incidents of real identity intrusion, but several attempts. Furthermore, the incident in Texas proved that the LifeLock identity protection system worked. In that case, Todd Davis received a phone call from the collection agency trying to collect the money. He denied obtaining the loan and LifeLock’s guarantee covered the money.

Todd Davis maintains that his company, LifeLock, doesn’t guarantee that a customer’s identity will not be stolen. According to the LifeLock website,, they outline several steps that they take to begin the identity protection process. Some of those steps are things that the average consumer can do themselves, like ordering their free credit report annually or asking credit card companies to remove your name from their mailing lists.

LifeLock’s $1 Million Guarantee

Ideally when most consumers think of a guarantee after they purchase a particular product or service, they probably think of an average money-back guarantee or satisfaction guarantee. CEO Todd Davis’s LifeLock company guarantee states that as a client when your identity is stolen and someone uses it without your authorization to commit a fraud, they will do everything in their power to fix the problem investing up to $1 million over the course of the subscribers’ lifetime. That $1 million guarantee includes hiring all applicable professional parties including lawyers, investigators and accountants needed to recover your name and any losses. I bet Sears isn’t guaranteeing that when your washer breaks!

The reason Todd Davis is applying this approach is because protecting a person’s identity is important to him. Todd Davis may sound like a ‘crazy’ CEO, but he believes in the strength and service of LifeLock. Actually, he came up with the idea of advertising his social security number prior to a CNBC appearance to boost confidence in LifeLock. Todd Davis decided to put his private information on the line to illustrate how effective LifeLock is. In fact, the ‘crazy’ campaign has boosted business and LifeLock is the fastest growing identity protection company.

In the early 1990’s, Todd Davis was a salesman for Dell, which was still a fairly small company. From his experience at Dell, Todd Davis learned how to successfully strategize in order to succeed. After co-founding LifeLock in 2005, he enlisted the help of the former vice chairman of Bank of America and the former CIO of Visa to gain more insight and learn more about catering to LifeLock’s customers. Todd Davis used the knowledge he learned from Dell and from those in the credit reporting business to form a solid identity protection service company.

As you may conclude, Todd Davis stands behind his identity protection company. In terms of service, consumers can join LifeLock for $10 a month or $110 a year per adult. The LifeLock offers clients a number of safeguards including:

• Requesting and sending you your complimentary yearly credit report from the credit bureaus on your behalf. Identity theft can be lessened when your credit report is up-to-date.
• Ask that your information be removed from junk mail and pre-approved credit card mailing lists. LifeLock monitors these requests until you no longer receive any unwanted solicitation. Identity theft takes place most often through offers that come through the mail that are stolen.
• When you become a client of LifeLock, you are entered into their fraud and red flag alert system. So whenever there is activity regarding your credit, you receive a phone call to authorize the transaction. An activity that would affect your credit would be like opening a new line of credit or changing an existing credit limit. Unauthorized attempts to open an account in your name can be prevented and your identity saved!

More on LifeLock’s identity theft prevention services can be found on

Protect Yourself

There are several identity protection companies, but CEO Todd Davis has strategically placed LifeLock in a position to standout. LifeLock is proactive, not reactive, in identity theft cases. They aggressively monitor unwarranted credit use and insist that complimentary documents be available to their clients. LifeLock is also 27001 series certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which is the highest security certification for data handling and data processing. They are even backed by an investment company-Bessemer Venture Partners-who took an interest in them after seeing what a great identity protection service LifeLock offered to consumers.

In the hustle and bustle of life, thinking about and managing to protect your identity is challenging. Even if you don’t want to utilize any particular identity protection company, as a consumer you should at least review your own credit report yearly. An accurate, complete credit report can affect loan applications or even purchasing a cellular phone plan. More importantly, monitoring your credit report helps to prevent identity theft.

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