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Have you ever been a victim of identity fraud? Has your personal information ever been stolen? Are you wondering what type of modern technology is out there to protect you from identity fraud? Services that specialize in identity theft protection have emerged for consumers that want to protect themselves against identity theft and fraud.

Lifelock, the industry’s leading theft protection service, provides consumers with identity protection on many levels. Upon enrolling into the Lifelock program, within 1-2 hours fraud alerts are established with all three major credit bureaus. Also, your locks are set so that if someone requests your information, you will receive a phone call to verify if you are the requester. Lifelock also requests on your behalf that your name be removed from junk mail lists as well blocking pre-approved credit offers. The fee for lifelock is $100/year, which is a small price to pay if someone steals your identity.

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Other great benefits to Lifelock are:
• Fraud alerts are placed on credit reports- Even for children these alerts state that the child is a minor and there should be no activity
• Check for misuse of Social Security number
• Check credit report every 6 months for suspicious activity
• This process is repeated regularly to ensure that there is no fraudulent activity
• Lifelock is the only company that protects your children from identity theft as well. Now more than ever, children are susceptible to identity theft.

Children under age 16 are just $25 per year, or $2.50 a month, with any adult enrollment. The identities of your children are protected as well. You are welcome to cancel Lifelock anytime and you’re not locked into a contract with a lot of hidden costs and fees. This seems to be a great choice and well worth the money to protect your children.

Lifelock has many great features in comparison to other identity theft services. They are affordable and they stand behind their ability to protect your identity. Lifelock also comes with a service guarantee. In today’s ever changing society, sometimes you may feel as though you are wasting your money, or that you never get the advantages of what you pay for. With so many people running scams, it is hard to protect yourself against incidents of fraud. It is great to know that there is a worthy service that will do the work for you. The art of online shopping has been adopted by millions. It would be great to know that you can input your information into a system and feel completely at ease. When you enter a mall, or access an ATM you will always be able to give your personal information with a sense of security.

Lifelock has what is called “our $1 Million Service Guarantee.” This is great because when you are protected by Lifelock, if someone does steal your identity you are completely protected. Lifelock will pay up to $1,000,000 to remedy the issue with the Lifelock service. This agreement is parallel to protection. This covers you as the enrolled consumer and places a guarantee of service on Lifelock. Either way, you’re covered with Lifelock!

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Save $21 instantly with Lifelock Promotion Code here!