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If you are a consumer, you’re probably wondering what services are available that will help to protect your identity and credit from theft and fraud. In researching the many services I wondered if LifeLock was any good for protecting my credit. I performed diligent research and found that LifeLock is a company that protects the consumer from identity theft. They do so by keeping an eye on a number of things, such as, your credit report and credit card transactions. During my research I found that LifeLock helps to protect your credit before thieves have a chance to start. They do this by placing a fraud alert on your identity as soon as you enroll, this way, if someone tries to make any transactions or receive any offers in your name, you are immediately notified before they have a chance to do so. This is excellent because it stops the thief before they have a chance to do any real damage to your credit. We all know that it takes time, energy and money to rebuild and fix our credit.

Why is LifeLock any good?

LifeLock assures through a product service guarantee that you will not have to endure the sorted drama of fighting with creditors and stores regarding an item you know you did not purchase. There is nothing worse than being harassed for a bill you did not create. LifeLock guarantees that your credit will be protected as soon as you are enrolled. They also ensure that your credit is protected by sending you copies of all three of your credit reports. Having your credit reports handy is a good thing. You are able to monitor activity and verify that there has not been any activity on your report, which was not created by you. Also, with LifeLock, when you apply for any credit, you will receive a phone call to verify your identity (ensuring that you are the one making the transaction). This is a great feature of LifeLock because it lets you know before the thief strikes.

When you call the number for LifeLock, a representative is ready to answer all of your questions. They are very quick and diligent in getting you set up for enrollment. They welcome you to try the service and you may cancel at anytime. They stand behind the ability to protect your credit with a million dollar guarantee. Most companies offering theft protection services on the internet do not offer this guarantee. This is a very attractive feature of the service and as the consumer, you feel protected. They are offering to not only protect your credit through this service but they are standing behind their ability to do so. LifeLock also does a background check on their representatives. This ensures that your credit is protected even from the LifeLock employees. By using innovative technology, LifeLock is able to secure and store your information from any outside sources. LifeLock gives you the assurance that all information is kept in its data center.

Sounds Good – But what about affordability?

LifeLock helps the consumer protect their credit in a variety of ways, and their service is affordably priced. For just $10 a month, you have peace of mind and know that your personal information is safe with LifeLock. For those who may ask themselves, as I had, is LifeLock any good for protecting credit? The answer is quite simply – they are the best.

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