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We have all seen commercial services and products that claim to protect our identities and our personal information. In today’s market, there are thousands of products that are geared toward shielding our families from theft and fraud. It’s hard to know and trust what service will actually do the job that they pledge to do, and which ones are scams. Identity theft is a serious problem and it occurs all year round, especially during the holidays. LifeLock declares that they have the solution to a credit card holder’s worst nightmare. LifeLock claims to ensure the protection of your credit through a variety of services. They offer credit monitoring, fraud alerts and junk mail filtration. This is said to be in an effort to stop others from stealing your identity. LifeLock claims to guarantee their services through a one million dollar guarantee. This guarantee states that if your identity is stolen or besmirched while you are a consumer, they will spend up to one million dollars to correct the issue.

The CEO of LifeLock, Todd Davis, guarantees the LifeLock service by displaying a social security card alleging it to be his own, on the website. Is this a gimmick to get you to buy the service? Is this a ploy to get you to trust him and his service? In most cases, we can be sure that the owner of the services wants us to believe and trust in the product. They develop a marketing strategy that will draw the customer in to the service, but how do we know if we can entrust our information to the service? With LifeLock, you may be wondering if this is just another way to get more of your money or do they truly stand behind their services.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of LifeLock:

• 1 million dollar guarantee
• Will hire lawyers if anything should happen to your identity if needed
• Protection for your children at an extra low cost
• You may cancel the service at your leisure
• Only $10 per month

The benefits for this product are very attractive. Identity protection is a valuable service. In fact many consumers suffer from a barrage of pre-approved credit card offers and other tactics to get you to send them your personal information. Before you know it, someone has your life in the palm of their hands. If you try LifeLock for a short period, you will see just how dedicated they are to protecting your name. If they falter, you are welcome to cancel their service at anytime. There is not a long term contract with terms too large for you to recognize and understand. LifeLock appears straight forward in their guarantee and they let you make the decision yourself. There are no annoying customer service representatives giving you the run around regarding the service. Also, the benefits of LifeLock take affect from the time you order the service. Since Identity theft has become a serious problem in our society, it seems worth it to find a service that will protect you as a consumer. You want to feel safe when making a purchase online, or when giving your personal information to a bank or store. The benefits for this product are very attractive and the thousands of customers they have helped are living proof that LifeLock is legit. Their main goal, which they perform very well, is to protect and maintain the integrity of your identity. Do not leave your identity unprotected, nor trust in a service that has a reputation which is less than stellar. LifeLock will give you more than identity protection; they will give you peace of mind.

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Save $21 instantly with Lifelock Promotion Code here!