Why Pay for Identity Theft Protection

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Protecting your identity from criminals should be a priority because the financial and emotional damage this type of crime causes people often causes long-term damage. It’s difficult to navigate the complicated waters of credit bureaus once erroneous items and accounts appear, making the idea of prevention more appealing.

Why Choose LifeLock to Protect Your Identity

LifeLock offers a unique identity theft protection plan that focuses on prevention, rather than solving existing identity theft cases. LifeLock is committed to preventing identity theft criminals from penetrating your personal information so that you will never have to go through the agonizing process of trying to put your real identity back together. However, if your identity should get compromised while under the umbrella of LifeLock’s protection, they have a $1M guarantee that means they will spend up to $1M to fix your identity theft problem so that you won’t have to worry about long-term negative effects.

LifeLock is also able to tap into a variety of sources that identity thieves use to steal people’s identities and monitor these so that you can be alerted if any area of your identity is possibly being used fraudulently. For example, if someone applies for a change of address using your information, LifeLock will be alerted and will, in turn, alert you to determine whether the request is genuine or not. This way, that fraudulent address change request would be stopped in its tracks before your identity was ever compromised.

What Services Does LifeLock Offer for the Money

For only $10 per month, LifeLock offers its basic identity theft protection services to consumers who want to take a proactive approach to protecting their personal information and good names. Most people spend more than $10 a week on coffee, so adding $10 per month doesn’t seem like a burden, especially when you have the security of LifeLock’s suite of protection services. These services include 24-hour customer service, WalletLock, which makes replacing lost or stolen credit cards and identification simple and safe, eRcon, which searches sites known for selling identities illegally, and TrueAddress, which determines whether your address is being used by others. LifeLock will also reduce the amount of pre-approved credit offers and gives you access to their $1M identity theft guarantee.

For just $5 more per month, LifeLock now offers an even more enhanced prevention suite of services called the LifeLock Command Center. The LifeLock Command Center notifies you not only when utilities, wireless and other forms of credit are being applied for in your name, but will search court and public records for your personal information, keep tabs on sex offenders in your area and will alert you if one is using your address fraudulently, and will also keep tabs on any payday loans that use your personal information.

What LifeLock offers its customers is peace of mind knowing that their identity is being protected from criminals and will also have the resources to go after criminals should your identity be stolen. Other services usually only help you once your identity is already stolen, so why not arm yourself now so that you won’t have to fight off these silent criminals alone.

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