identity theft ruined your life

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Identity theft is one of the fastest growing and most prevalent crimes occurring in the United States today. Because it hasn’t happened to you or someone you know, you may feel as though you are protected. Unfortunately, you are wrong.

With today’s digital age, people are getting more relaxed about giving out their personal information, when they should be more vigilant than ever before. The thieves certainly are. It is becoming easier and easier for an unscrupulous criminal to steal a Social Security number and begin wreaking havoc on someone’s personal credit report and financial future. While you are getting more and more complacent, the criminals are getting savvier.

Empower yourself with knowledge and fully understand the most significant ways an identity thief can ruin your life.

1. Ruin Your Chances of Getting a Job

More and more employers are using background checks to learn about their potential workers. If you are applying for a job and have “points of interest” in your background, you are far less likely to be hired. This can happen even if you have lived a good life with nothing to hide. If your identity is stolen (and you’ve yet to know it), your identity thief could wreak financial irresponsibility on your credit history, creating elements in your background check that make you unemployable.

2. Send You into Bankruptcy

When a criminal takes your bank account to town, it might not be long before there isn’t any money left. In fact, if the criminal is of a malicious nature (as opposed to just wanting to exploit you for personal gain), they can even apply for bankruptcy on your behalf. Try scrambling your way out of that one.

3. Give You Legal Entanglements

If a person commits a crime using a spoofed IP address or leaves behind the evidence of your Social Security number, there is the very real possibility that you could be implicated for the crime. Sounds unbelievable, but this exact situation has happened more than once. It can be very difficult to convince authorities of your innocence when you have damning evidence mounting against you.

4. Lessen Your Chances of Getting a Loan

This is one of the big, common hurdles of identity theft. When a criminal ruins your credit history, it can make it nearly impossible to move forward with financial endeavors. Your spotless credit report is a memento of the past, and you may not even know it until you try to buy that new car or take out a mortgage.

5. Place Your Marriage in Jeopardy

Financial woes are one of the main reasons why couples get divorced in the U.S. Whether the situation was created through your own negligence or deliberately may not matter in the end; don’t let an identity theft take away your financial and personal security.

6. Put Your Family’s Safety in Peril

Once a criminal has all of your information and has used it to the best of their abilities, their next way of exploiting you may be to sell this information to other criminals. These other criminals may not be interested in using your Social Security number, but they may be very interested in what you have around the house…leaving your family in physical jeopardy.

7. Cost You a Fortune to Find Your Good Name

Getting a complete investigation underway, clearing your name after a bad case of identity theft, and repairing your credit report takes money. These are thousands of dollars you may not have after the criminal is done with you.

If you want to prevent these terrible situations from happening, you need to be vigilant about protecting your identity. The best way to do that is to be very cautious about where and when you give out your Social Security number, and hire a company like Lifelock to give you full protective security. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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