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LifeLock is always striving to offer cutting edge protection from identity theft and wants to be able to continue to assure its customers that their identities are much safer beneath the LifeLock name. What does the future hold for LifeLock and its customers?

LifeLock Partners With Nova

NOVA (National Organization for Victim Assistance) chose LifeLock as their first national partnership because both entities provide important assistance to victims of identity theft. NOVA is equipped to counsel victims of identity theft for emotional duress as well as provide remediation counseling and, working together with LifeLock, will train each other’s staffs in the specialty of victim assistance and identity theft prevention. LifeLock will train NOVA on ways to prevent identity theft from happening again so they can better counsel victims who come to them. NOVA will train LifeLock’s staff on victim assistance and response so that LifeLock can better relate to their customers who do fall victim to identity theft.

The future is bright for this unique partnership as LifeLock continues to try and prevent identity theft from happening but is adding the right resources to its arsenal to handle any level of identity theft.

LifeLock’s Mission to Educate the Public

LifeLock will send one of its Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialists to speak to any group, from focusing on senior citizens, to college kids to business owners. These specialists are there to go over the various ways identities are stolen and to provide specialized tips for preventing these crimes from happening. These talks are complimentary because LifeLock understands that educating the public about identity theft is the sure way to reduce these dire statistics instead of watching them increase each year simply because many people aren’t aware of the problem or think it can’t happen to them.

LifeLock also offers one-day identity theft seminars designed for law enforcement including sheriffs, chiefs, fraud unit investigators, patrol officers, investigative supervisors and community policing personnel. For these seminars, LifeLock partnered with the FBI-LEEDA and another non-profit corporation to bring the reality of identity theft to local law enforcement and give them the tools to try and catch these criminals.

Education is the key to preventing identity theft and not just for consumers but for law enforcement as well, and LifeLock is using these educational opportunities to try and dampen the rising trend of identity theft.

LifeLock’s Future as Identity Protectors

LifeLock has continued to pave the way with innovative ways to monitor its customers identities. They also instituted a laptop program because of the rising number of laptops stolen from airports alone often lead to increased cases of identity theft. LifeLock watches the vast array of public records, including criminal records and sex offenders who might be using your identity to answer for their crimes. The future is brighter with LifeLock in the picture, because of their efforts to educate the public, help law enforcement keep up with the sheer number of fraudulent identity theft cases and their commitment to preventing identity theft means more consumers will rest easy and more criminals will be out of the ring.

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