Credit Card Fraud

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Identity theft is very real and becoming more and more prevalent as criminals become more technologically savvy and the average consumer fails to keep up and unwittingly opens themselves up to potential identity theft. The most common way for your identity to be stolen and used against you: credit card fraud.

Feeling the Effects of Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud remains the most popular way to steal a person’s identity, whether a credit card is opened using your personal information or whether your credit card number is swiped and used without your knowledge. Either way, this is financial fraud at its worst because it not only negatively impacts your credit report but can have severe financial and emotional implications on its victims.

It’s important to monitor and carefully review your credit card statements each month for even the smallest inconsistency. Often, identity thieves will spend pennies on a thousands of credit cards to avoid detection since many people won’t report a miscellaneous charge of a few cents. Other identity thieves use credit cards to take out cash advances and max out your own credit card. Then, they are gone with cash in hand, which is undetectable, and you are left with a large bill and a lot of explaining to do.

Other times, identity thieves steal your personal information and apply for credit cards in your name using your credit score and then max out the cards-leaving you with the bill once again. These examples usually affect your credit in a negative manner and consumers quickly learn that disputing fraudulent charges and proving identity theft can be a long, difficult road to walk alone.

How LifeLock Can Help

Prevention is key when thinking about identity theft, and LifeLock is the leading identity theft protection company because they specialize in preventing these crimes. They have many layers of protection to activate and they essentially surround your identity with shields of electronic amour and make it difficult for criminals to penetrate.

Of course, if your identity is stolen while protected by LifeLock, their $1M guarantee means they will pool their vast resources in fixing your credit and restoring your good name at their expense so you don’t have to walk that difficult road to recover alone.

LifeLock will alert you by email, telephone or mail whenever your personal information is being used to apply for various types of credit, including utilities, loans and credit cards, because LifeLock understands that the number one risk to consumers is credit card fraud. LifeLock takes this a step further with WalletLock, which will cancel any lost or stolen cards and identification and work to replace them safely and efficiently. You can even upgrade their service to include the LifeLock Command Center, which will scour public and criminal records for any aliases or criminal activities associated with your personal information.

LifeLock has built their stellar reputation on stopping identity theft before it happens, especially identity theft that involves credit card fraud. They understand how difficult it is to try and fix it after the fact, so they work hard to prevent the number one cause of identity theft from ever happening to you.

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