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Identity theft is a crime that is difficult to prove, track and prevent without outside help. If you become the victim of identity theft, trying to regain your life and reestablish your good name and credit score is usually an uphill battle if you face it alone. Checking your credit report and score is an important weapon in the fight against identity theft because your credit report gives you access to your financial life. Should you choose the popular for instant credit access and protection or go a step further with LifeLock?

What Does do?

If you are concerned about your identity being stolen or haven’t checked your credit report and score recently, it’s important to do so. A lot of people then turn to to give them peace of mind. When you sign up, you receive unlimited access to your credit report and score for 2 months, plus email alerts if there are changes to your credit report or score. will monitor the 3 credit bureaus for your credit report on a daily basis as well as send you an analysis of factors contributing to your credit score.

Your credit report will keep track of credit inquiries and applications for credit, payments-including late payments, address changes and home or auto loans. Your credit score is then calculated based on a combination of factors found on your credit report. If you see an alternate address, credit inquiries, or anything that looks suspicious and doesn’t belong to you on your credit report, it could mean that your identity has been stolen. Unfortunately, should this occur,’s service becomes almost pointless because you will be left to pick up the pieces.

How Does LifeLock Help Keep My Identity Safe

LifeLock takes what any credit monitoring company, like, does and then multiplies that service into total identity protection. You also get a safety blanket with LifeLock, in that if your identity is stolen while under the protection of LifeLock, then they will take care of the cost and headaches of identity theft and hire the necessary professionals to get your life back on track. doesn’t put fraud alerts on your credit report like LifeLock does. These fraud alerts can be instrumental in preventing identity theft, something a credit monitoring company like doesn’t do. Fraud alerts make sure that creditors take extra steps to verify the identity of someone applying for something in your name. If you get a phone call, for example, asking if you applied for a car loan and you did not, then the transaction never goes through, your credit is never affected, and that person might even be apprehended on fraud charges. This is identity theft prevention working for you in real life.

If you are simply interested in keeping track of your credit score and report, then choose a company like They will give you the necessary access and tools to read your report accurately. Or, you can sleep soundly knowing that LifeLock has made it extremely difficult to steal your identity. The choice is yours.

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Save $21 instantly with Lifelock Promotion Code here!