LifeLock vs. ID Watchdog

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This nightmare has unfortunately become a reality for many Americans: somehow you have become the victim of identity theft. Not only is your name sullied, but you are liable for serious financial damages and may be denied credit or loans you’re actually qualified for. There are several identity theft protection products available to consumers which prevent the devastation caused by identity theft. Today we are taking a critical look at two major protection services: LifeLock and ID Watchdog.

Compaing Lifelock to ID Watchdog

LifeLock identity protection service offers consumers a simple, transparent pricing structure in contrast to ID Watchdog. Priced at $10 a month (or $8 a month when a yearly subscription is purchased), LifeLock identity theft protection has a clear advantage over its competitor, which is nearly twice the price at $20 a month, unless you sign up for three years (or $14.95 a month with an annual subscription). LifeLock additionally offers the same protection for children of subscribers for $2.50 a month.

LifeLock identity protection renews automatically, but unlike its competitor, it requires no long-term commitment and has a more flexible cancellation policy. With a simple phone call, LifeLock membership can be cancelled at any time and the unused prepaid months are refunded. ID Watchdog requires termination within the subscription period. Clearly, the refund is not made in the favor of the customer: each month is billed at $19.95 which is then subtracted from the subscription price. If this amount totals more than your original subscription price, you are not entitled to a refund. This means if you cancel halfway through a three year membership, no money will be returned.

In a 90-day cycle, LifeLock implements thorough identity protection measures by asking credit bureaus for current credit reports and to activate fraud alerts within 24 hours of enrollment. This is an effective means of identity protection because creditors must then confirm your identity before any new credit in your name is approved. Each year, you will receive new copies of your credit reports. LifeLock also removes your name from pre-approved credit card and insurance offers. This step not only reduces the amount of irritating junk mail received but also eliminates further opportunities for an identity thief to assume and ruin your good name.

LifeLock Forges Ahead with Value and Product Superiority

LifeLock proves itself to be a superior product not only in terms of price, but also the clear winner in value for money. For the monthly low price, LifeLock delivers a comprehensive identity protection package. Competitors claim product superiority by offering dozens of unnecessary searches and services. This excess of features makes other services complicated and hard to understand.

The identity fraud protection LifeLock provides is supplemented by its support and monitoring services. WalletLock™ support specialists are available 24-hours a day in the event that your wallet is lost. These professionals assist you step by step in disabling and replacing credit cards, driver’s licenses, insurance cards, and even Traveler’s Cheques. LifeLock includes monitoring services such as eRecon™ and True Address™ which check known criminal databases and any new addresses associated with your name. LifeLock backs their services with a $1 Million Guarantee, so if your identity should be stolen for any reason, you are covered.

These days, there is nothing more valuable than your name. It has taken you years to build, so why let a thief tear it down in a matter of days? LifeLock offers thorough identity protection services at a minimal cost – a small price to pay for peace of mind.

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