LifeLock vs. FreeCreditReports360

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In this day and age, you would be foolish not to take a proactive role in protecting yourself and your family from identity theft. This prevalent fraud can ruin a pristine credit history within hours, and victims are left to cope with the devastation and unnecessary cost it can cause. Several identity protection products offer regular credit report monitoring. Two such products, LifeLock and FreeCreditReports360, may appear to offer comparable services, but in fact, they are worlds apart.

Comparing Lifelock to FreeCreditReports360

LifeLock offers real value for money in comparison to its competitor’s identity protection service. Backed by its $1 Million Service Guarantee, LifeLock doesn’t just obtain your credit reports, they stand behind you with a service guarantee. LifeLock not only provides the latest copy of your credit report at the beginning of your subscription and each year thereafter, the service also triggers a fraud alert with each major credit bureau. This in turn requires creditors to verify your identity before approving any financial product. Every time someone attempts to open something in your name, you will receive a verification phone call.

In addition to regular credit report monitoring, LifeLock also eliminates other avenues of identity theft. LifeLock systematically removes your name from mailing lists that overload your mailbox with those irritating and potentially dangerous credit card or insurance offers. Many fraudsters use these to steal your identity. Less junk mail actually means peace of mind. These services are then repeated every 90 days to ensure maximum identity protection.

At $10 a month and with no long-term commitment, LifeLock also provides monitoring and support. With services like eRecon™ and TrueAddress™, LifeLock combs criminal online databases known for selling or trading identities and alerts you when a new address is associated with your name. In the event that your wallet is lost, a LifeLock specialist is available around the clock to assist you in cancelling and obtaining credit cards, IDs, insurance cards, etc.

Reading the Fine Print

Unlike comprehensive identity theft protection offered by LifeLock, the other service simply provides current copies of your credit reports – at three times the price! The small print on the FreeCreditReports360 may claim it offers free credit reports, but the offer is only valid for a seven-day trial period for which time you are charged $1 processing fee. By accepting the terms of the offer, you are also enrolled into a savings club at a further cost of $1. If the trial offer is not cancelled, you will be billed $29.95 for what the website describes as a very limited service. There are many people who feel they were tricked into believing they were actually signing up for free copies of their credit report. It goes without saying: always read the fine print!

Identity theft protection is much more than just receiving current copies of your credit report. Junk mail, online databases and your personal details such as your address also require constant monitoring. In this respect, LifeLock services like WalletLock™, eRecon™, and TrueAddress™ far outweigh other products available on the market. Many products like FreeCreditReports360 appear to be solid protection at a fraction of the price, but in reality are overpriced for the ‘services’ they really offer.

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