LifeLock vs Veracity

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LifeLock vs. Veracity Credit Optimization is simply a matter of preventing identity theft on one side and dealing with the damage identity theft causes your credit score on the other side. LifeLock’s mission is preventing identity theft while Veracity Credit Optimization is there to repair your already damaged credit score.

LifeLock vs. Veracity Credit Optimization: Pros and Cons

If you have a damaged credit score due to identity thieves piling up bad debt in your name, then you might call Veracity Credit Optimization to try and cleanse your credit report. Veracity Credit Optimization works within consumer law to try and repair the damage done and improve your credit score. If you aren’t sure you need this service, you can purchase your credit report for $9.95 with no obligation to Veracity Credit Optimization.

LifeLock is a bit different. LifeLock is there to prevent your credit score from dropping due to identity theft and works to prevent this by putting several credit watchers in place to guard your identity 24 hours a day. LifeLock means that you can rest easy knowing your identity is being actively protected while Veracity Credit Optimization, while working hard to eliminate credit fraud from your credit report, can only work retroactively on your behalf.

You will pay more up front and monthly to fix your damaged credit with Veracity Credit Optimization that offers a $69 start-up fee and a $49 monthly charge or a $99 start-up fee with a $79 monthly charge for their Platinum Service Plan. LifeLock charges $10 per month or $15 per month, depending on the service level you desire, to prevent you ever needing a company like Veracity Credit Optimization’s credit repair services.

LifeLock vs. Veracity Credit Optimization: Who Wins the War on Identity Theft?

LifeLock works to prevent identity theft by monitoring the use of your personal information in credit applications like mortgage and car loans, retail credit cards and utilities so that no one will use your identity to gain these services. LifeLock vs. Veracity Credit Optimization means you can stop this credit fraud from happening with LifeLock or let Veracity pick up the pieces once your personal information is exploited.

LifeLock also works to monitor criminal sites online that routinely sell or trade personal information so if your information pops up, they can stop it from being sold. LifeLock also monitors change of address databases to make sure no criminal can start receiving your mail to try and defraud you. LifeLock stops identity thieves in their tracks or letting these criminals commit identity theft and have Veracity Credit Optimization try and put your financial life back together.

Finally, LifeLock vs. Veracity Credit Optimization means you get a $1M protection plan should any identity theft occur on LifeLock’s watch while Veracity Credit Optimization can’t provide this security because you only come to them once identity theft occurs. The choice is yours.

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