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One of your most valuable possessions is your identity. Just think about it – if someone steals your identity, they can literally ruin your life. They can affect you getting a loan for a car, a home, or even college. They can even effect whether or not you can rent an apartment or get a job.

Because of this, many people are choosing to use an identity theft protection service. However, there are numerous companies out there to choose from. Here is a look at two of your choices – Lifelock and

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MyTruston works differently from other credit protection companies in that it does not require you to send them personal information. This is because the company believes that giving out this information could put you at a greater risk of identity theft. Instead, the company provides you with the resources to easily manage your credit yourself. The company helps you to get your three free annual credit reports, tells you what to do if your suspect identity theft, will help you to place credit bureau fraud alerts and then reminds you to renew these every three months, helps you to set fraud alerts with ChexSystems and reminds you to renew this alert as well, shows you how to stop pre-approved credit card offers, and also shows you how to put your phone number on the Do Not Call list.

When you sign up with MyTruston, the company asks you which services you would like to use. You can choose as many as you like, and come back and add on additional services if you need them. The website will then guide you through each service with step-by-step instructions. The website will also send you email reminders when it is time to follow up on these services, renew alerts, etc.


The biggest difference between Lifelock and MyTruston is that Lifelock is fully automated and does the legwork for you. With MyTruston, you are the one responsible for contacting the credit companies and other institutions; with Lifelock they do it for you.

The company starts out by placing fraud alerts with the credit bureaus. Lifelock will then automatically renew these fraud alerts without you have to do a thing for the life of your policy. The company will also remove you from preapproval lists so you do not have to worry about your identity getting stolen. They also automatically order your annual credit report for you.

Should your wallet get stolen, Lifelock will assist you with calling the banks and credit card companies to inform them and help you replace credit cards and other items. Lifelock will also assist you with replacing noncredit items such as your driver’s license and social security card. The company will also monitor the internet for use of your information to make sure that your identity is not being traded or sold.

In the event that your identity is stolen, Lifelock will spend up to $1,000,000 to restore your good name and good credit and fight fraudulent charges. So, if you are looking for automatic protection with a guarantee, Lifelock is the way to go.

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