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In today’s information age filled with online billing, pre-approved credit offers and the like, identity theft has become a very real problem. Companies offering protection and insurance against identity theft and identity fraud have sprung up everywhere. Lifelock was the first stakeholder in offering services to protect you against identity fraud, but they have since been joined by several competitors, one of which is LoudSiren. What follows is an analysis of how LoudSiren’s service stacks up against Lifelock’s.

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The Benefits of LoudSiren

• Like Lifelock, LoudSiren sets fraud alerts that remove your name from pre-approved credit mailing offers.
• Like Lifelock, LoudSiren offers free credit reports upon sign-up.
• Like Lifelock, LoudSiren guarantees their service up to $1,000,000, which covers identity restoration costs, including legal expenses and lost wages, should your identity be compromised while a member of LoudSiren.
• Like Lifelock, LoudSiren requires that you verify all new credit requests in your name, but instead of having the bank call you, LoudSiren sends you a message on your phone, upon which you accept or reject credit requests with the push of a button.
• Like Lifelock, LoudSiren automatically renews your membership every year, so you need not worry about a lapse in identity protection coverage.
• Like Lifelock, LoudSiren members pay $9.00 per month for individual coverage, or $99.00 per year.

The Hidden Costs of LoudSiren

• As you can see, LoudSiren and Lifelock offer very similar identity theft protection services, each with their own patented way of doing things. However, while Lifelock extends their coverage to protect everyone in your family with their children’s coverage plan, LoudSiren does not offer membership to anyone under the age of 18. Since pre-approved credit offers may begin appearing in the mail when a person reaches their teenaged years, this is a drawback to the LoudSiren service.

• Another drawback to the LoudSiren service is their lack of preventative monitoring. While Lifelock scours the internet for the illegal sale of your account numbers or other identifying information, LoudSiren does not. Additionally, while Lifelock employs trained Specialists who will take care of canceling your credit cards and calling your bank should your wallet ever be lost or stolen, LoudSiren offers no such service.

Lifelock is the Preferred Choice

• LoudSiren works by sending you an automated phone call when someone tries to use your social security number and name to apply for credit. Lifelock, on the other hand, has real people call you so you can ask questions if need be, rather than simply punching in a pin number.

• Lifelock’s service has several features such as WalletLock and preventative monitoring, that LoudSiren’s service does not.

• Lifelock’s CEO is confident enough in his product that he publishes his social security number directly on the Lifelock website, knowing that thieves will be unable to break through the protective barrier of Lifelock and commit identity fraud. Lifelock is the first in the field and remains the proven leader in identity theft protection.

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