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IdentityTruth is another privately owned company specializing in identity theft
protection. They claim to be able to predict future potential fraud through information processing and behavior modeling. They ensure that you will receive the earliest possible notification when your identity may be at risk. Below is a breakdown of how their service measures up against Lifelock.

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The Benefits of IdentityTruth

• Like Lifelock, IdentityTruth uncovers suspicious activities related to your identity before they can harm you through data monitoring.
• Like Lifelock, IdentityTruth enables fraud alerts from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. This requires a double-check of your identification when you are applying for credit.
• Like Lifelock, IdentityTruth removes your name from junk mail lists so you no longer receive pre-approved credit offers.
• Like Lifelock, IdentityTruth provides remediation services to help you fix a potential identity breach.
• Like Lifelock, IdentityTruth provides a Service Guarantee that reimburses you for expenses related to identity recovery if their service fails.
• IdentityTruth uses sophisticated technology to search through billions of data points from many different sources to give you early warning of an identity breach.
• IdentityTruth provides you with a listing of credit applications made in your name.
• IdentityTruth offers an “Identity Health Score” that reveals your risk of having your identity breached.

The Hidden Costs of IdentityTruth

• Unlike Lifelock, IdentityTruth offers no protection for individuals under the age of 18. Since pre-approved credit offers often begin appearing in the mailbox for teenaged children, this is a major drawback of IdentityTruth’s service.

• IdentityTruth makes no mention of the financial limits of their Service Guarantee. While Lifelock is up front about the $1,000,000 limit, IdentityTruth leaves consumers in the dark, wondering if all expenses will be covered by IdentityTruth should their identity be compromised.

• In terms of enrollment costs, members of IdentityTruth pay $9.99 per month, or $99.99 per year for enrollment, while Lifelock members pay $9.00 per month or $99.00 per year for a more complete service package. IdentityTruth also offers a 3-year coverage plan which requires members to pay $229.99 up front. Lifelock offers no such plan, as they have enough faith in their product that they are assured you will renew your plan every year, and do not insist that you “pony up” over $200 in order to save a few bucks in the long run.

Lifelock is the Preferred Choice

• While Lifelock and IdentityTruth offer similar services that are comparable in price, only Lifelock is upfront about their service guarantee and the strength of their identity protection services. Todd Davis, the CEO of Lifelock, is so sure of the strength of Lifelock’s identity protection that he is willing to publish his social security number directly on the Lifelock website, confident that thieves will be unable to compromise his identity.

• Lifelock also provides testimonies of real people who have used their services directly on their website. IdentityTruth offers no such testimonies, leaving you wondering who uses their service and whether or not they are satisfied with it. Overall, Lifelock offers you the security you cannot find with IdentityTruth.

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