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Lifelock is the industry leader in identity theft protection services. Their credit monitoring service protects their many members from financial ruin due to identity fraud and they guarantee their protective services up to $1,000,000. However, in today’s competitive market, more and more identity theft protection companies are popping up with similar business plans. One of these competitors is Trusted ID. Below is a breakdown of the similarities and differences in overall services offered by these two companies.

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The Benefits of Trusted ID

• Like Lifelock, Trusted ID offers coverage designed to protect and restore your name.
• Like Lifelock, Trusted ID Requires a double-check before they allow credit to be established in your name.
• Like Lifelock, You will receive a credit report upon sign-up and an annual credit report thereafter
• Like Lifelock, Trusted ID stops pre-approved credit offers, a major source of identity theft, from showing up in your mailbox
• Like Lifelock, Trusted ID pays up to $1,000,000 of protection to cover out-of-pocket costs, lost wages and legal fees associated with identity theft not prevented by their service.
• Trusted ID also offers a service called CreditLock at an additional cost to you.
CreditLock allows you to lock TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian from releasing their credit information to third parties. Your credit information will only be released when these three credit bureaus are expressly asked to do so by you.
• Trusted ID offers a Family Plan which covers all members of your household – including children. Lifelock also offers coverage for children at a significantly reduced rate.

The Hidden Costs of Trusted ID:

• While Trusted ID offers many of the same service benefits as Lifelock, they cannot compete with the low prices offered by Lifelock. Members of Trusted ID pay $10.00 per month for an individual plan, $19.99 per month for a family plan, whereas Lifelock members pay $9.00 per month for an adult individual, plus an additional $2.25 per month for each covered child. This means you can insure yourself and up to four children with Lifelock and still end up paying less than the Trusted ID family plan. The yearly cost for Trusted ID is $99.00 for an individual plan and $189.99 for a family plan. Lifelock charges $99.00 for the year for an adult individual plus an additional $22.50 a year for each covered child.

• While Trusted ID offers additional services for additional costs, Lifelock automatically monitors potential threats by watching known criminal websites for the illegal sale of your personal information, and alerts you if they find a change of address associated with your name. This way you will know if a thief has tried to re-route your mail to a new address and steal your identity. They also offer a service called WalletLock, where a Lifelock specialist will take care of contacting all your creditors and your bank should your wallet ever be stolen. There is no additional cost to you for this service.

Lifelock is the Preferred Choice

• Lifelock provides testimonies of real people who have used their services directly on their website. Trusted ID’s website, in comparison, is filled with outdated media accolades, but offers no real testimonials, leaving you wondering who uses their service and whether they are satisfied with it.

• Lifelock is so secure in their identity theft protection services that Todd Davis, the CEO of Lifelock, has made his social security number public, daring thieves to go up against Lifelock. One cannot ask for a more secure endorsement than that.

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